Vintage Clothes Meet Their New Owners at Frim Fram

Model J Vintage made a showing at Frim Fram this holiday season for their craft and vintage market. It was a huge success. I brought a double clothing rack and teamed up with Voon Wai, a local vintage enthusiast, who was looking to thin out his personal collection. One side was all women’s and the other was men’s with some slight overlap. We were mobbed! Thanks to all the swing dancers who appreciated our wares!

It was so wonderful to see many of the pieces fit so perfectly on their new owners. I carry a lot of different sizes so each piece is waiting for it’s perfect owner match in size and style. I will be adding some photos from the event to this post so stay tuned!

Learning to blog, Star Trek and potato chips

There is a learning curve to all this blogging software. And I have not even upgraded to a more sophisticated template that I know about called Thesis. I figure I will learn the ins and outs of this simpler version here before I know what more I need.

My newest blog tweak is the links section. I figured out how to get them on my blog but not in the way I want. They are there at the bottom of the main page on the right but I would rather have them in a separate page that I already created up at the top right that is nice and homey and chatty, instead of just a list on the main page. Up to now people have been clicking onto this page and finding only a little blurb instead of something interesting.

Sometimes I wish I had a photographic memory with perfect recall. Not only would it help with learning all the little commands and keystrokes here, but perhaps it would mean I only have to make a mistake once instead of twice before I change my ways. Once is bad enough but it seems that my brain really needs the emphasis of a second go to really get the picture. Like the time in college when I ate waaaaaaay too many potato chips…and then lived to do it again! Without any gory details let me just say that after much nausea, a salt scarred palate and many burps (for the second time), I have never done it ever again. (Patting myself on the back now)

That was one of those times I bring out one of my favorite quotes “Brain and brain. What is brain?!” from an old Star Trek episode. If you don’t know it go look it up here.

Hee hee. I will remember that quote forever! As for blogging, I see an instructional book purchase in my future. ‘Book and book. What is book?!”

Dress shipped to Greece

Whew, first item out the door and in the mail. Filled out customs form and shipped it via First Class International Mail in a nice soft envelope to keep costs down for my customer. I am putting my faith in the USPS and the entire country of Greece to get this package where it’s going.

One small step for Model J Vintage. Yay! I am looking forward to divesting myself of many of the larger items around the house now that I know what I am doing. These clothing items are great practice as they are easy to photograph and ship and don’t take up that much space. But, big items, I am coming to get you! And get rid of you! (maniacal laughter)

Two more listings go live on eBay

I just put a two lovely tops up for sale on eBay. My first item, the purple dress, sold to a woman in Greece. Figuring the shipping was a bit complicated and I sized down the packaging to keep the cost down. Every ounce counts for those international options. I am a little nervous about the package arriving safe and sound due to other sellers reports about international shipping but we shall see. The buyer has an excellent rating on ebay so I will trust her judgment on her choice of the shipping options I provided.

The first new item up on eBay is a lovely black silk top with nice details around the neck and at mid-shoulder. A little gathering and some tiny square lace openings around the flattering v-neck. Some gathering under the bust give it a vintage flair but it isn’t cut on the bias or form hugging for that true 1930’s style. I brought this top to Jam Circle a couple of months ago and had some interest but no takers. If you’d like another look here is the eBay link.

The second item is a cute button down in red and white check that has a 1950’s feel to it. I love the shirt sleeve edging with its slight curve and flare, as well as the hidden button front closures. I learned that this is called a “fly front” but that term is mostly in use in reference to pants. More commonly the term “hidden placket” is used to describe hidden button fronts. The “placket” is the fabric section that is underneath the buttons, hooks, zipper, etc.  I learned a lot about plackets. A simple folded over piece of fabric with button holes sewn into it is called a french front. This gives a very flat and clean look. A regular placket front us usually two pieces of fabric with some interfacing in between to reinforce the closure area as it gets a lot of wear and tear. Interesting. This top also debuted at Jam Circle and now can be seen here.

I am getting pretty good at putting items up for sale on ebay but am still a bit slower than I would like. There was quite a lot of futzing about with photos but that is now sorted out. I have created a nice workflow that needs just a bit more tweaking but I am pretty satisfied right now.


  1. Take photos, edit, re-size
  2. Write description
  3. Pack and weigh
  4. List on eBay
  5. Post on blog and FB
  6. Log item into my database
  7. Do a happy dance and celebrate 🙂