Adjustable dress form

Ooooh, the dress form is sweet! All put together and playing with putting clothes on it and checking out the adjustable parts.

This is actually an old post I found that I never published! I’ve had this dress form for a while and love it. Easy to use, great to lay out alterations or create something new. It is a little lightweight but I expected that. I think higher end versions might have a little more heft and hence stability. This works just great for my needs šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Adjustable dress form

  1. June says:

    Which one did you buy? I am considering the Singer Dress Form DF150 or DF151 (I need to compare measurements to decide). I am currently researching dress forms and appreciate any feedback.

    • Hi June,
      Wow, I never saw this post! I hope you got a great dress form. I have the 150. It’s fine for what I need though I could see having a heavier one if I was really making clothing from scratch. How is yours?

  2. June says:

    I found one on craigslist that I just love! It is not my size (yet), but I like that she is there keeping me company in my sewing room. Here is a blog post I did on her:

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